Member Information


To become a member of ROSE VILLA - SAIGON, one of the first private member' clubs in Vietnam, please fill out our Membership Application form.
Your application will be considered by our London Membership Team, and we will send you a membership package once your application
has been accepted. Due to a limited capacity at ROSE VILLA - SAIGON, we will place your application on the
waiting list if it is not accepted at the time applying.

ROSE VILLA - SAIGON will provide a signature Membership Card for Members who are over the age of 18 in accordance with our guidelines.
Please kindly provide ROSE VILLA - SAIGON with more information should it be required.

Membership Cards are for Member' sole use and are non-transferable. Please kindly present your Membership Card upon arrival in order to gain
access to ROSE VILLA - SAIGON. When you wish to bring your guest to ROSE VILLA - SAIGON, please kindly be present with your guest(s)
in order to gain them the access to ROSE VILLA - SAIGON.

Member Change & Cancellation


Active ROSE VILLA - SAIGON Members must have up-to-date information on life, including: email, residence address & contact phone number.
Please promptly update your personal contact information with ROSE VILLA - SAIGON in order to receive any notices and contacts.

To cancel your membership, please kindly notify ROSE VILLA - SAIGON with an email and settle all outstanding balances.
ROSE VILLA - SAIGON will refund for the remaining days on your account.

In certain cases, ROSE VILLA - SAIGON reserves the right to discontinue providing its services to a Member at any time, at its sole discretion,
should there be any breach in the Membership guidelines that potentially affects orther Member(s) or ROSE VILLA - SAIGON service(s).
ROSE VILLA - SAIGON will also refund for the remaining days of any cancellation reasons.

Membership Terms & Renewals


All ROSE VILLA - SAIGON Membership run for one year and begin on the Membership start date. Membership will be
renewed for another year each time and only with your consent.

If your Membership Card is lost, please notify ROSE VILLA - SAIGON immediately to obtain a replacement.
For each replacement, a 500,000 VND fee will be charged.



Each Member is welcomed to host up to three guests at ROSE VILLA - SAIGON at any one time. The guests will be able to enjoy the same privileges
as the Member. Should Members wish to entertain more than three guests at a time, please kindly call and request prior to your
arrival for ROSE VILLA - SAIGON to be well-prepared to accommodate you and your guests.

Private Hire


Rose Villa Saigon has designed a variety of private event spaces that are reserved for Members to book for private events. Please contact our
Private Hire team for more details or make a booking. We kindly ask Member(s) to be present at the reserved event with their guests
to comply with the ROSE VILLA - SAIGON Etiquette and avoid any misinformation during the event.

Attire & Dress Code


As we wish to build ROSE VILLA - SAIGON to be a charming and elegant destination, we politely ask that our Members and guests' attires remain
qppropriate at all time. Though we do not wish to be binding or overly prescriptive, we are obliged to turn away Members and their guests
if they are deemed to be unsuitably dressed. Members should alse ensure their guests are aware of ROSE VILLA - SAIGON dress code prior
to arriving. On special occasions ROSE VILLA - SAIGON will host themed events and parties. Members and their guests
will be informed in advance if there is a specific dress code for the occasion.

Members' Property


While the enviroment of ROSE VILLA - SAIGON is relaxed and unsuspecting, please kindly be responsible for the safety of your own personal
belongings and those of your guests. ROSE VILLA - SAIGON is not liable for any missing or stolen property.

Food & Beverage


We have gone to great lengths to prepare menus for our Members and their guests that cater to almost all dietary requirements
therefore, we kindly ask anyone visiting ROSE VILLA - SAIGON not to bring in outside food or beverage.

Electronic Use, Noise Level & Audio Visual


To respect every Member and their guests' privacy while being at ROSE VILLA - SAIGON, we kindly ask you to limit the use of all electronic devices
(phones, cameras, video equipment, laptops, recording devices) at all time. Please do not turn on the personal speakers
and avoid excessively loud disagreements and arguments.

ROSE VILLA - SAIGON may elect to film or photograph members and their guests during certain ROSE VILLA - SAIGON events. By becoming a member, you
kindly grant approval to be included in the filmed and photographed reportage content created and for our team
to use such content for commercial purpose when necessary.

Illegal Drugs & Substances


Rose Villa Saigon operates a zero-tolerance policy with regards to drugs. No Member or guest shall purchase, use, ingest, posses or distribute illegal drugs or other substances or attempt to do any of the same while at ROSE VILLA - SAIGON or in the immediate vicinity. Contravention of this rule will result in the Membership question being terminated immediately.

Smoking Policy


We would like to remind Members and their guests to only smoke in designated outdoor Smoking Areas at ROSE VILLA - SAIGON.

Your Data & Privacy


Rose Villa Saigon values the privacy of all our Members, their guests and other visitors who enjoy our spaces, services, website and apps. We
collect most information from Members in order to communicate regulary with them about their membership, events and happenings
at the club, as well as providing notices and other updates as necessary. Certain communications may also
be sent to members from partners on behalf of ROSE VILLA - SAIGON.

Regarding the information of ROSE VILLA - SAIGON visiting guests, we will only collect and use their information when they grant permission to learn more about ROSE VILLA - SAIGON, its facilities and services. At all times, it is the policy of ROSE VILLA - SAIGON to be clear about how we are using member, guest and visitor information and the ways in which we can protect their privacy.



We kindly deny the access of any pets to ROSE VILLA - SAIGON at any time due to the nature of our space not being suitablefor your pet



We may at times close all or part of ROSE VILLA - SAIGON for private events or for necessary maintenance, repair or redecoration work. Where all or
part of RVS is closed for maintenance work, repair, redecoration work, or where we need to withdraw facilities or services, we will notify you
with a specific timeline for the inconvenience and seek to ensure that any such area, facility or service is reinstated
as soon as practicable. Your Membership will be extended with the amount of days that ROSE VILLA - SAIGON
closes all parts to service special events or for any maintenance work
to upgrade ROSE VILLA - SAIGON services.